Dear Visitor, printed materials have a more pronounced emotional effect on consumers. For marketers who want advertising with long-lasting impact and easy recollection, a physical ad simply has more psychological influence than online efforts alone.

Easy Ordering



Your restaurants can customize menus based on their neighborhoods’ needs. You can use our basic templates and upload images, enter menu item descriptions and pricing and select a radius to reach. Let Lithographix do the rest for $ .35 each including delivery.
Our Print and Mailing Experts will select the neighborhood addresses based on your criteria, print your menus and have them delivered within 48 hours. Our team can also create a custom template, use a supplied list or even accept an upload of a complete menu.
Leveraging our relationship with the Post Office we can ignite food sales for you today! As the food delivery companies get busier you can even utilize your own teams to handle deliveries and avoid unnecessary fees.

NOW with More Features!
Upload Your Own PDFs

8.5 x 11 Same Price
Hand Out Your Own Menus and Save 50%

$ .35 each including delivery to every door in your neighborhood.

Save $ .17 if you’d like to hand them out yourselves
for that extra personal touch.

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